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Check out this video created by a fan in Greece!  I totally love it when a fan enjoys a song so much that they make their own video for it.  Want your video featured here? Pick your favorite song from Shakin' The Dust and get creative!  Something as simple as a lyric video with a slide show is AWESOME when it's created by a true music lover.  We will even help you by sending you the lyrics!  I will encourage subscribers to your YouTube channel and share the best ones on all my Official social media platforms!  Come on!  Let's share some music!  Below are the personal stories behind the songs.  I hope one of them will connect with your journey!

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Shakin' The Dust – Stories I Only Share With My Friends

Each song on Shakin' The Dust expresses bits and pieces of my personal journey. Most people will identify with the themes of struggle, love, strength, and life observations making Shakin' The Dust prove how universal life experiences really are. Music is my way of connecting and letting you know that you are not alone on your journey.

Dictator is an anthem for every person who works a job or is in a relationship that is one sided. Life is too short to let someone else call the shots for your life. You must take control of your happiness.

You Pushed Me Too Far is exactly what it sounds like...being pushed too far and embracing the freedom that comes from reclaiming your identity and your authenticity.

Lifeline illustrates the importance of relationships and how everyone needs an anchor. For a relationship to evolve, a spirit of compromise and a willingness to examine your heart openly must be nurtured. This was written about someone very special in my life.

I Ain't Got You written by Calvin Carter describes the illusion of a perfect life but knowing in your heart that what is truly important is not present. This is how being on the road feels without my wife.

Time Flies is also exactly what it sounds like.... the reality and perspective on life without the rose-colored glasses. Our time here is finite but our legacy lives on so don't waste it.

Texas Girl is about that special something that defines Texas women and their strength. I got mine!

No More Breath paints a picture about my son's car accident in 2010. He laid on the roadside undiscovered for 14 hours before being life flighted to a Texas trauma center. He came out of a coma on Mother's Day. The words and groove are his but can be viewed as anyone who is struggling in life to survive metaphorically.

Looking Back is a Johnny "Guitar" Watson song that reminds me of exactly how I met my wife, Jessica. I could have written it word for word. It's a perfect example of how music can be universal but also personal. I was definitely looking back to see if she was looking back at me!

Need Your Love So Bad is originally a Little Willie John and Murtis John tune. Fleetwood Mac's version with Peter Green was the first time I heard it. When Mick Fleetwood jammed with us in Hawaii (which was the BEST jam of the tour), we talked about this song and how it was such an overlooked gem. I have always loved it and suggested Casey James sing it on American Idol in 2010.

Not This Time is about finding your voice. Since I am a non-confrontational person, I have learned that sometimes my greatest strength can also be my Achilles heel. Being a Texas boy, my nature is to try to get along with everyone and learning how to take a stand without stepping on others is important to me.

Villanova Junction is my nod to Jimi Hendrix and his influence on my playing. Before Smokin' Joe Kubek died in 2015, he told me that this was his favorite Hendrix tune that I played when we were coming up and that I should record it. This one's for Joe.

John Mayall Birthday Tribute! WATCH NOW!

At 85, the British blues legend, John Mayall, is planning to return to touring next year.  Let's all wish him a very happy birthday with many more to come!  During my time with John, we created some magical moments on stage and in the studio.  One of the more memorable times between us was created when John appeared on my solo album, Let My Guitar Do The Talking…with my friends, playing organ on Think About It.  Enjoy!   Don't we all hope to still be able to stand on stage at 85?  Cheers to you, John!  


Stevie Ray Vaughan Birthday Tribute! Listen NOW!

Steve and I met in the 5th grade at the talent show in the school auditorium of L.K.Hall Elementary School in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.  In the audience, sitting on the first row, was Stevie Ray.  We didn't call him that back then...he was just Steve.  After I played, Steve came up to me and said "Hey, I saw you playing guitar and I play guitar, too." It was an innocent, simple moment that formed the friendship that was fueled by endless talk of guitars and Jimi Hendrix and the newest album at the record store.   It was really nice to have someone like-minded, as we were, in those early days of our childhood.  To this day, I still love talking about guitars and Hendrix.   Wow...what cool days those were. Happy Birthday, Steve! Miss you, brother.

Music Extra - Listen very closely to the end of the song and you will hear how I voiced my guitar with my wah wah to say "Stevie Ray, Where have you gone?"

This video is just so cool because it shows how Steve was “one” with his guitar.  I love it!  His confidence and style developed from years of playing every night, wherever he could. Enjoy his showmanship! This is #TexasStyle!

Rocky and Jimmie at the Wildflower Music Festival talking about their Oak Cliff days.

Rocky and Jimmie at the Wildflower Music Festival talking about their Oak Cliff days.

#TBT with Buddy Miles and Double Trouble! Play it NOW & Play it LOUD!

In 2002, Buddy Miles and SRV's rhythm section, Double Trouble, and myself went in the studio and created The Blues Berries album.  We had a great time recording in Texas and this is one of my favorite tracks from the album.  Please enjoy & share the good attitude with your friends! 

Always remember that no matter what is going on in your life that "Life IS What You Make It" and smile and then turn it up LOUD & Play it AGAIN! 

Eric Clapton Birthday Tribute! Watch NOW!

Please join me in wishing Eric Clapton a big "Happy Birthday" today.  When I saw Eric Clapton and Cream as a kid, it changed everything for me.  White Room was one of my favorites with Eric's amazing tone and melodic technique with a Wah-Wah on full display.   I wanted to pay tribute to the master on his birthday staying as close to his original recording as possible using my 1965 Gibson SG and vintage 1969 Vox Wah-Wah.   Please enjoy & SHARE!  Thank you for your inspiration, Eric!

Walter Watson handled the vocals and drums on this recording and I played guitar and bass.  It is available as a never before released bonus track on The Essential Rocky Athas - Volume I



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