Rocky Athas


Legendary Texas Guitarist & Songwriter - #TheLastGreatBluesbreakerGuitarist



I don't understand it.
This ain't how I planned it.
What the hell happened to me?

How'd I let you get me?
Mistreat and upset me.
It ain't like you're something to see.

I feel a little weak
From the way that you treat me.
Feels like I'm walking the line sometimes.
And I can't get it straight
if you love me or you hate me.
I wish you'd make up your mind.

Ain't No Doubt about it
I can live without it.
Gonna take some time out.
See if I can find out
Where I'm gonna go from here.

Do I keep on trying?
Or am I just denying
The truth
When you're making it clear?

I feel a little used
And I feel confused and
Feel like I'm losing my mind sometimes

And it's hard for me to know
Just where I stand,
You're always blurring the lines.

Ain't No Doubt about it
I can live without it.

I've been trying to hold out.
Feeling like I sold out.
Why won't you listen to me?
You're headed for a fall
And you don't care at all,
And I can't make you see!
No, No, No, No

I don't understand it.
This ain't how I planned it.
What the hell happened to me?

How'd I let you get me?
Mistreat and upset me.
It ain't like you're something to see.

I feel a little weak
from the way that you treat me.
Feel like I'm walking the line sometimes

And I can't get it straight
If you love me or you hate me.
I wish you'd make up your mind.

Ain't No Doubt about it, 
I can live without it.

Now that I've thought about it,
I can live without it.

Before accepting the coveted role of guitarist for John Mayall's legendary Bluesbreakers, Rocky Athas had established a long, successful solo career.

Partnering repeatedly with Grammy Award-winning producer Jim Gaines, Rocky Athas has released a series of albums, including Miracle, Voodoo Moon, and Lightning Strikes Twice, and his band of Texas musicians has wowed audiences.

By the age of 23, the Oak Cliff, Texas native had been included in Buddy Magazine's now-legendary list of Top Ten Guitarists --one of the first and youngest to receive the honor. Over time, Rocky has shared that honor with the likes of Eric Johnson, Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Gibbons (of ZZtop), and Johnny Winter.

In the late oughts, Rocky was made an offer he couldn't refuse: John Mayall, the iconic "Godfather of British Blues", had asked him to play lead guitar on his next album. Needless to say, Rocky was honored to be recognized for his skill and thrilled to join Mayall's legendary outfit, The Bluesbreakers. Former members included Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jack Bruce, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, and Mick Taylor. Within weeks of the call from John Mayall, they were together in the studio working on Tough. The album was a smashing success, and Rocky's performance did not go unnoticed. Guitar Player Magazine wrote that Rocky was, "a veteran Texas gunslinger with a wicked tone and a thriving solo career of his own." 

Over the next few years, Rocky continued to record and tour with Mayall's The Bluesbreakers. Mayall's album A Special Life featured stellar guitar performances by Rocky, prompting Neil Spencer of Uncut Magazine to highly praise the new work, "... whose guitarist, Rocky Athas, recalls the young Eric Clapton."

In 2014, Rocky released Let My Guitar Do The Talking...With My Friends on Cherryburst Records.  The album is "all-instrumental, all-guitar, all the time" and samples several vintage guitars from Rocky's personal collection. It also features guest appearances by long-time friend and fellow Texan Smokin' Joe Kubek and an exclusive performance by John Mayall on keyboards,

In 2015, the ultimate, commemorative Rocky Athas series was released, highlighting Rocky's most crowd-pleasing solo work. Also included are never-before-released bonus tracks paying homage to artists who influenced him, like Eric Clapton and Leslie West. The release of The Essential Rocky Athas - Volume I & II is hailed globally by critics as "a delectable album tailor-made for the blues enthusiast" filled with "delicious howling guitar riffs".  

Don't miss this authentic Texas guitar legend and former Bluesbreaker!

Rocky's entire catalog including The Essential Rocky Athas series is available at, Amazon, iTunes and worldwide wherever  you shop for good music!

George Harrison Birthday Tribute! Play NOW and Enjoy!

Everybody knows how much I love The Beatles so we can't forget that today is George Harrison's birthday.  This recording of Something is a tribute created by Walter Watson and myself and we had a blast putting this together!  Please join me in celebrating and remembering the "quiet" Beatle whose lead work on this song is full of blues and emotion.  I have always been such a fan that the image of George Harrison's autograph is from my personal collection.

My Beatles Influence - Because

I saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and..... I did this!  My ultra cool hairdresser mom actually let me grow my hair out.  Their influence was immediate and long lasting. This performance of BECAUSE is a tribute created by myself on guitar and Walter Watson doing ALL the vocal tracks. How the Beatles came up with such complicated chord structure was a thing of beauty and still amazes me today.

Obviously, I was very proud of learning a bar chord since I am diligently holding one in this photo with my Kingston pawn shop special!  

Music Monday!

Music Monday is here to celebrate original blues music ~ Texas style!  Please share with all your music loving friends!  I hope you enjoy it.  


Had a talk with God this morning

'bout me and you.
Turned my face to the heavens and cried
"God, What am I gonna do
without you baby
and the sweet love we had?"

He said "Stand up tall.
That's all that you can do
and I'll help you through
the last of your blues."

Well, I had to believe it.
I didn't think He'd lie.
But if that was the truth,
Why do I feel like I'm gonna die?

Why it seems the loss
is more than I can stand.
Why it feels like I'm walking
Down dark avenues.
Like I'll never lose
the Last of the Blues.

The time crawls slowly by
Like time sometimes does.
I might not have been in hell
but I could see it
from where I was.

Then one day I woke up
Not thinking of you.
Thought maybe I've seen, maybe I've seen
The Last of the Blues. .Last of the Blues.

Well, I've heard it said
and I believe that it's true
that when one door closes
another opens up for you.

When that door opened
New love walked in.
And now I feel stronger
Like I've been renewed.
And I know that I've seen
The Last of the Blues.

The Last of the Blues... Last of the Blues.

Larry Samford's smokey vocals are hauntingly beautiful.  This song is available on the Essential Rocky Athas - Volume 1.  Get yours today and share with a friend! 



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