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Legendary Texas Blues Rock Guitarist & Songwriter 

Smokin' Joe Kubek Birthday Tribute - Watch Video NOW!

In the music industry friendships can be fleeting but the bond between Smokin' Joe Kubek and myself endured the test of time.  Our love of guitars kept us in touch with each other no matter where we separately were in the world and I miss him dearly today.  Rocky & Joe's Hail Damage Shuffle  is the result of our first and last opportunity to record some fun together.    

Please join me in celebrating fellow Texas guitar slinger, Smokin' Joe Kubek's birthday.  Click the video below and enjoy some mean guitar and slide playing!   

After years of non-stop touring, I wanted to make an album that would let me connect with my friends and just have fun playing guitar.  Long time friend, Smokin' Joe Kubek was a natural fit and we had a lot of fun hanging out together in the studio jamming.  In retrospect,  I am very grateful and blessed to have spent some time with my very dear friend.  I am very proud of the results.   You can never go wrong when you combine work with pleasure and Joe was a real pleasure to work with!  

If you love everything guitar, you can get your copy of the album Let My Guitar Do The Talking...with my friends  HERE. 

John Mayall Birthday Tribute! WATCH NOW!

At 85, the British blues legend, John Mayall, is planning to return to touring next year.  Let's all wish him a very happy birthday with many more to come!  During my time with John, we created some magical moments on stage and in the studio.  One of the more memorable times between us was created when John appeared on my solo album, Let My Guitar Do The Talking…with my friends, playing organ on Think About It.  Enjoy!   Don't we all hope to still be able to stand on stage at 85?  Cheers to you, John!  


Jimi Hendrix Birthday Tribute - WATCH NOW!

A entire generation of guitarists were inspired and influenced by Jimi Hendrix, who was born November 27, 1942, in Seattle, Washington. All of my guitar friends were equally mesmerized by his playing and stage presence and I even experienced his live show three times! He was amazing to watch! When it was time to record, Shakin’ The Dust, I couldn’t resist recording one of Hendrix’s lesser known works from his Woodstock performance, Villanova Junction. Please enjoy, share and celebrate the Hendrix legacy! And don’t forget to play it LOUD!

When I was a kid, Jimi Hendrix was by far my favorite guitar player.  As an adult, one of the many benefits of being friends with Buddy Miles, drummer for Band of Gypsys, was hearing his countless amazing and inspirational stories about playing with Jimi.  So, imagine how thrilled and honored I was to be asked to record a Jimi Hendrix classic with the drummer who actually played with him.   It was a rare and extraordinary experience.

Buddy Miles, Double Trouble and I paid our respects to Hendrix with our rendition of The Wind Cries Mary with Grammy Award winning producer, Jim Gaines at the wheel.  This track was included on the album Blue Haze - Songs of Jimi Hendrix.  For all you gear heads who are curious, I recorded this track using my all original 1960 Strat through a 1959 cream colored Bassman amp!   

Stevie Ray Vaughan Birthday Tribute! Listen NOW!

Steve and I met in the 5th grade at the talent show in the school auditorium of L.K.Hall Elementary School in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.  In the audience, sitting on the first row, was Stevie Ray.  We didn't call him that back then...he was just Steve.  After I played, Steve came up to me and said "Hey, I saw you playing guitar and I play guitar, too." It was an innocent, simple moment that formed the friendship that was fueled by endless talk of guitars and Jimi Hendrix and the newest album at the record store.   It was really nice to have someone like-minded, as we were, in those early days of our childhood.  To this day, I still love talking about guitars and Hendrix.   Wow...what cool days those were. Happy Birthday, Steve! Miss you, brother.

Music Extra - Listen very closely to the end of the song and you will hear how I voiced my guitar with my wah wah to say "Stevie Ray, Where have you gone?"

This video is just so cool because it shows how Steve was “one” with his guitar.  I love it!  His confidence and style developed from years of playing every night, wherever he could. Enjoy his showmanship! This is #TexasStyle!

 Rocky and Jimmie at the Wildflower Music Festival talking about their Oak Cliff days.

Rocky and Jimmie at the Wildflower Music Festival talking about their Oak Cliff days.

Buddy Miles Birthday Tribute! Watch NOW!

Buddy Miles was an amazing musician with many historic music experiences that he joyfully shared.  The collaboration with Buddy Miles on The Bluesberries album with Double Trouble in 2002 produced many timeless tracks but on this track, Rock and Roll the Blues, Buddy tells a biographical story the way only the Buddy Miles could do it.   Play it LOUD while you enjoy watching rock history and smile!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUDDY!  Thank you for sharing your gift!

The Bluesberries Album was Rocky's introduction to Jim Gaines, the Grammy Award winning producer for Santana, Steve Miller, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many others.   After this meeting, Rocky and Jim became life long friends and Jim produced Rocky's solo albums.  

 At home with Jim Gaines and his wife, Sandy Carroll.

At home with Jim Gaines and his wife, Sandy Carroll.



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